“Before I got pregnant, I was completely uneducated on how a natural birth worked. I knew I always wanted to have a midwife and I was very fortunate to have Christa as mine. Although I had a smooth pregnancy, when it came time to my labor and delivery, boy was it unexpectedly long & unprogressive! My baby girl just didn’t want to come and it came time where it was necessary to transfer me to the hospital because it was over 24 hrs without progression since my water broke. Christa was by our side every step of the way. Though I was no longer in her care at that point, she was beyond committed to seeing us to the end. I hadn’t slept in 2 days yet I remember her concern and attentive kindness to make sure I was ok and my baby would have a safe arrival. She escorted my husband & I to the hospital and despite her exhaustion, she stayed for another day to assist and witness our beautiful birth. We are so very grateful for having met her; my pregnancy & birth experience was so peaceful and comforting. We wanted the most natural and organic approach possible & Christa is very well-rounded that made this achievable. If there are more babies in our future, I would love to have the opportunity for Christa to be our midwife again. The experience was just a joy and life changing. Thank you so much Christa, we are glad to have the memories and lucky that you were looking after our sweet baby girl.”

“Being my first pregnancy I was a little scared the only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted my little one to have the best possible start into the world. To me that meant natural birth with a midwife, Christa helped to make that happen, with her knowledge and support in just a little over 9 hours my beautiful son came into this world in a natural and peaceful state. Without Christa’s support I am not sure that it would have all been possible,I want to thank her for helping me achieve the most powerful and magical experience of my life. She really cares about her mothers and forms a true relationship with them, she is my first choice for any following pregnancies.”

“Having a natural child birth was not a decision that came easily for my wife and I, after all this was our first child, there was already plenty of fear and anxious anticipation. In addition to that fear, the uncertainty that comes with a natural birth was sometimes paralyzing for us. We were blessed to have met Christa when we did, her obvious love for mothers, passion for the birthing process, and comforting smile and reassurance through the entire process was what carried us through. Christa was our teacher through our birthing classes, our emergency contact for even the silliest questions, the reassuring voice of confidence during labor, the gentle hands that passed my son to me and the most gentle hands we have ever felt as a family. To this day, Christa remains one of the most loving people in my first son’s life. I am forever grateful for her.”

“Dear Christa, Thank you for being the most outstanding Midwife to us on this beautiful journey. You were a source of such knowledge, both scientific and spiritual. Being a first time mommy, I had my questions & concerns, Christa was always there within a moments notice, with answers & inspiration to keep a healthy mind, body and spirit. If there are any to-be-mommies out there with even a small inkling as to alternative birth plans. I encourage you to contact me. I hope that through sharing my amazing experience with you all, I can help lift the fear of natural birth. Thank you Christa, you are a huge reason we have such a happy, healthy, baby boy.”

“Christa is caring, patient, and skilled. I’ve attended several births with her that all had a common ground of calm, trusted, empowering care. One of my favorite midwives, and person.” – Dawna Doula, December 9, 2015

“Christa is amazing. She wasn’t my midwife but she did my placenta encapsulation for me. She came to the hospital and picked up the placenta and dropped it back off. She was a fraction of the cost of so many places in South Florida and she handled everything with such professionalism and understanding. My son couldn’t come to the breast until 2 days of age and I thank my placenta encapsulation for enabling me to partially breast feed for 3 months. The day I took the pills my milk came in within hours. Even after I had the baby I had extreme cycles that knocked me out, literally. The doctors couldn’t do anything and I remembered the pills in my freezer and even 6 months later they helped me. Also, she preserved the umbilical cord and made it into a beautiful heart. She is amazing. I recommend her to all of my pregnant mom friends and I plan on using her again in the future. Thank you so much for everything.” – Francine Monica Forbes, May 24, 2017