Meet The Midwife

Christa West, Licensed Midwife
License # MW252

Christa West is a Licensed Midwife and the owner of Coastal Midwifery.  She believes in the innate ability of women, pregnancy and birth. Her passion for midwifery began when she attended the birth of her nephew in 2006. After witnessing the miracle of life she was determined to be a part of it. A few years later she put her heart and soul into midwifery school and immediately fell in love with the ancient art of midwifery.

Christa graduated The International School of Midwifery in 2011 and is licensed by the State of Florida Department of Health. Christa considers each pregnancy and birth an honor to be a part of. Her proudest professional accomplishment is a journey to Haiti following their devastating earthquake. While in Jacmel, Haiti she attended births and clinics at Mother Health International Birth Center. She considers her trip an amazing opportunity to discover a new culture while assisting women through a safe pregnancy and birth. She has also attended births in the Dominican Republic in 2014.

She is a proud mother of twin girls Ayla & Savannah born in October 2014.