I am not pregnant yet but I am thinking about a natural birth. Where do I start? 

You should start by researching your birth options. Make sure you find reputable sources for your research. You could also join a natural birth community such as meetup.com or a Facebook page with natural birth supporters that can provide support and information. At Coastal Midwifery we offer complimentary pre-conception counseling regardless of where you plan to give birth. Call us today to book your session.

What is a midwife and how does midwifery care work? 

The term midwife means “with woman.” A midwife is a practitioner who cares for women throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. During this time the midwife sees the client on a scheduled basis. The midwife ensures that mama and baby are safe and maintain a low-risk status by performing routine blood work, pap smears, assessing vitals signs of mama and baby, evaluating emotional and nutritional status, etc. Often your midwife is also the practitioner who attends your labor and birth. It is important to note that midwives are trained in low-risk, natural, physiological birth. If you desire a more personalized, education based prenatal experience, a natural birth, a home birth, a water birth, or all of the above, a midwife could be a perfect option for you!

Licensed Midwife vs. Certified Nurse Midwife. What is the difference? 

A Licensed Midwife has attended a private midwifery school for 3 years and attended over 80 birth and 100’s of clinical hours to graduate. The midwife must then sit for the nation wide board exam and once she passes, she can be licensed with the Department of Health. Licensed Midwives do not typically work in a hospital setting. They are trained and specialize in low-risk, natural birth, they only attend deliveries  at home or in a birth center but do provide prenatal care for clients wishing to birth in a hospital setting as well. Licensed Midwives have held the title of “masters of natural birth” for centuries.

Certified Nurse Midwives generally work under or in conjunction with an Obstetrician. Certified Nurse Midwives most often work in an OB practice and within a hospital. They are trained with a more natural approach to birth while still in a medical setting.

What kind of Midwife will I find at Coastal Midwifery? 

Most importantly you find a loving midwife who believe in empowering women through their pregnancy and birth. The midwife within Coastal Midwifery is a Licensed Midwife.

Is home birth safe? 

Yes, home birth has been proven to be just as safe and in some cases safe than hospital birth when attended by a trained professional! By having your baby at home with a midwife you are 90% more likely to avoid an intervention in your birth, you are 88% more likely to have a successful breastfeeding relationship with your baby and you are much less likely to receive a caesarean section.

I want a natural birth but not at home. How can you help me? 

We offer pre-conception counseling, personalized prenatal care with the option of hospital birth, breastfeeding support, placenta encapsulation and more. All of these services are offered to pregnant people regardless of where they plan to give birth! At Coastal Midwifery we aim to support, educate and empower families no matter what their birth preference may be.

Is this one on one, personalized care affordable? 

Yes! Midwifery care costs roughly half of what obstetricians charge. We offer payment plans, sliding scale fees and we also accept Medicaid and insurance.