About Coastal Midwifery

Coastal Midwifery offers personalized prenatal care with the option of home birth or hospital birth to the South Florida area.  Home Birth is an option for people seeking a non-invasive approach to labor and birth. We view pregnancy and birth as normal, healthy life processes. Our goal is to nurture and empower you through the journey of pregnancy, birth & postpartum while maintaining a healthy low-risk status of mama and baby. Coastal Midwifery serves clients seeking both homebirth and hospital birth with the same compassionate care. Call for a free phone consultation today.

Coastal Midwifery of South Florida offers comprehensive prenatal care, scheduled at your convenience.
Hiring a midwife is not only a way to achieve personalized care for yourself but also for your family.
Partners & siblings are included and made a part of this process too!

We would like to start by saying congratulations on your new or upcoming pregnancy! We are glad that you have made the educated decision to look into midwifery care and home birth and would be honored to be a part of your journey.